Trompo Capital is an investment firm
whose main target is to INVEST, OPERATE actively
and DEVELOP a Mexican company
that is a leader in its industry
We aspire to
by developing the company you
have built and MAXIMIZING its long-term growth
Our main target is to
for many more years

About Us

Who are we?

Trompo Capital is a private investment firm based in Mexico whose purpose is creating long-term value for companies and investors. It is operated and managed by two committed entrepreneurs with a wide spectrum of leadership and experience in Investment Banking, Private Equity, and Investments in Mexico. It is composed of a select group of Mexican and international investors who, in conjunction with the founders of Trompo Capital, will propel and continue your business’ legacy to its maximum potential.

Why choose us?

The leading partners of Trompo Capital have worked in various of the leading firms in Investment Banking, Private Equity, and Investments in Mexico. They have more than a decade of professional experience, friendship, and joint work amongst them. Their friendship and work have led them to value leadership and long-term relationships, which are based on confidence and contribution to value, all things that focus on preserving the culture and vision of your business.

Trompo Capital is backed by a select group of national and international investors who have vast experience in successfully investing in and operating companies in Mexico and abroad.

What do we look for?

Trompo Capital looks for companies and businessmen in Mexico that are leaders in their industry with a history of success and significant growth potential. We provide trustworthy, profitable, and attractive exit strategies for the founders of the acquired company, through an ordered and planned transition, respecting the business model, employees, clients, and suppliers.


Investment Criteria

Our objective is to look for a disruptive company, with a history of success, and acquire it through majority share-holding. Trompo Capital wishes to continue with the founder’s legacy while implementing new methodologies and efficient operative processes, propelling the company and its employees’ growth.

Recurring Revenue

A solid and long-term client base through predictable and recurring revenue

Growing Industry

Sectors with significant growth potential and positive margins in previous years

Attractive Margins

EBITDA margin higher than 15%

Stable Profits

Capacity to generate continuous and attractive utilities

Capital Expenditure (CAPEX)

Does not require large or constant capital injection for the company’s growth

As part of our investment strategy, Trompo Capital’s leading directors will be actively involved in the daily operation of the company and will have the major responsibility in the directive team, which will allow for an ordered transition and ensure reliable and effective company growth.
Trompo Capital focuses mainly on investments in the following sectors:





Our Team

The Trompo Capital founders have worked as directors in recognized institutions in the financial sector and have a wide range of experience in Investment Banking, Corporate Banking, Investments, and Private Equity. Both entrepreneurs will lead the search and acquisition, and will join the company as the heads of the directive team on a full-time basis to make the process efficient and maximize results.

Jorge Todd

Managing Director

Jorge is an innovative and skilled Investment Banker with solid experience providing strategic advice to Mexican and international clients for structured loans and investment banking transactions (ECM, DCM & M&A). He is an experienced
executive individual with a sound legal background, who has coordinated teams and projects in various industries using results-oriented thinking, teamwork, and expert communication skills. Jorge is highly qualified in developing customized banking and financial transactions focused on revenue and risk goals.

He holds an effective network with Mid-size and corporate clients in Mexico by delivering successful transactions through strong leadership skills, decision-making, and a collaborative approach. He was the former Director for Actinver in Monterrey where he was responsible for leading and directing the business
management and client coverage of Corporate and Investment Banking. After 8 years in Actinver, Jorge decided to leave a prominent corporate career and pursue his entrepreneurial dream.

Jorge holds an MBA from IE Business School and a Law Degree from Universidad Iberoamericana. He also holds a Higher Certificate in Business Administration & Corporate Law from The University of New South Wales. Moreover, Jorge served as Assistant Professor of the Securities and Markets Transactions course in 2017 – 2019 at the Universidad Iberoamericana.

Félix Mahuad

Managing Director

Felix is a Senior Financier with vast experience in financial modeling and business valuation. He has a strong background in Private Equity, Corporate Finance, and Asset Management, where he developed solid analytical and quantitative skills.
During his Private Equity career, he participated in several M&A transactions and acquisitions with emphasis in IT, healthcare, real estate, and manufacturing sectors.


Moreover, he successfully led the structuring of project finance transactions for the energy sector in Mexico. He was the former Head of Financial Planning at Perseus, where he was responsible for leading capital raising processes, relationships with banks and funds, M&A activity, and the company’s financial forecasts. 

From an operating standpoint, he has experience in cash management, budget control, accounting and active negotiation with clients and suppliers. Furthermore, he worked at a Mexican single-family office (SFO) as Head of Investments responsible for providing advice and opportunities to the Investment Committee.


Felix holds an MBA from IE Business School and a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Universidad Iberoamericana.

He also holds the CFA Level I, an Executive Education Program in Investment Strategies and Portfolio Management from Wharton School and a Diploma in Oil & Gas by the University of Texas.